My name is Pam Tibbetts I graduated from Continental Academy of Hair Design. I took care of women for 26yrs. I have done everything from being a employee, a booth renter and owning a few salons. Around 2009 I challenged the state barber exam and got my Masters in Barbering.  My best friend who I worked with for many years taught me many of the skills I use today.  I also paid for some short term education at New England School of Barbering in Penacook NH.  That is where I learned how to shave with more skill.  I worked as a barber and a cosmetologist for years and sold the little salon I owned at the time.

 Then in 2010 my husband convinced me to open up a barbershop.  That’s when Checkers was born.  I had a very loyal clientele. Many are still with me today.  I started with one employee and 6 months later brought on anther barber.  Our numbers have increased in clientele as well as working barbers.

 Probably one of my most proudest moment’s has been when I impulsively replied to a letter I received about teaching at a barber school.  To my surprise I got a reply back.  They wanted to talk to me.  6 months later I got my Masters in Barbering Instructors license.  I am now a part time teacher at empire Barber School in Hooksett NH.  The balance between spending time behind the chair cutting and working with students is great.  It can get really crazy sometimes but I seem to be able to make it work.  I am all about education.  I am always looking to learn more things and trying to improve anywhere I can.

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